Friday, July 11, 2014

Drone Bases in the Great Plains

North Dakota: 178th Reconnaissance Squadron based at Hector International
Airport (Fargo). General Atomics MQ-1B-10 Predator 08-024 shown.
(Source: Wikipedia)

According to the Department of Defense Report to Congress on Future Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training, Operations, and Sustainability (April 2012), there are five locations in Great Plains states that have been designated as potential basing locations for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) [i.e. drones] (p. 8 ff.).

The table below gives information on the types of drones that are proposed for basing at each location.

BASE Predator/Reaper type Shadow/Raven type Other
Fort Riley - KS MQ1C RQ-11B, RQ-7B
Devils Lake - ND
Grand Forks AFB - ND  MQ-1B RQ4-Blk40
Hector - ND

see below
Camp Guernsey - WY

The Predator operations complex at Hector, ND, is a $5.5 million project in the FY 2012 President's Budget.

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